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Moving Tips For that next Big Move

Before that next big move look over some of our moving tips to make your life a bit easier.
Here are some common things to think about when moving.

Are you in a moving circle?

What this means is most purchasers want to move in the afternoon on completion day as it’s their house at this point. So make sure you really have everything sorted with our moving companies so no complication is added to the equation on moving day.

Do you really need a packing service?

We can provide packing services but you might want to look at trying to pack yourself to save some extra money. Most moving companies charge extra for packing services and to supply boxes. If you visit your local home depot you can pick up moving boxes and do it yourself to save some extra cash.

Will you require storage?

When you move 99% of the time you will be left with big and small items that you are not sure if you want anymore. A few options are, we can arrange monthly storage solutions at a great rate or you can donate items to charity. Not only will this be a good tax deduction but you are also helping out charities and people that need it. If you want to make a few extra bucks for yourself hold a yard or estate sale a week before the move to clear what you don’t want.

Have I forwarded my mail?

This is really easy to do and also very important! You don’t want confidential letters going to your old address, more likely than not the occupants who have moved in your old place will forward on your mail but it only takes a few missed payments and letters to affect your credit rating not realizing you were late for a payment. Go to and pay just $1 to get everything transferred, it will take you less than 2 minutes.

Do I have any Flammables to move?

If you have any highly flammable materials then most moving Companies will not carry them and for good reason. Not only could it put staff members and clients at risk but some items might need a license to transport them should they be hazardous. Things to look out for are Gas Canisters, BBQ Gas Bottles and any items with the toxic logo (scull and crossbones) on them

Did I notify the Utilities companies?

If you are moving then you don’t need to be paying utilities in two locations! Make sure to call the gas, water and electric board to turn off your services and notify them of your new residence.

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  • Take the next day off
  • Send kids and pets away while you are packing
  • Take time to organize and discard unwanted items at least a week before moving day
  • Spend a little extra on insurance
  • Each moving company operates a different way
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