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Moving Company 19488

Movers in 19488, Norristown, PA

Our Movers in 19488 are more then geared up to accommodate any move you might have in mind. We have dealt with small moves in the past to gigantic moves. We are known to move some heavy item pieces to houses and businesses the size of baseball fields.

All our trucks and vans are filled with all the latest tools and gadgets to relocate you, we have straps and harnesses, rolling carts to ramps. We want to make our movers lives easier so they can provide a fast and effect move for you to save you money in the long run. Some of our Clients in 19488 also request we lay down floor coverings to protect carpet and this we make sure of. We understand you don’t want movers trying to relocate you in the rain trampling their wet boots all over them brand new carpets and floors so it’s really not an issue for our guys to put think blankets down to protect your floors.

Our Moving company quotes in 19488 are really hard to beat, we will even try and price match another company should you find a better rate. But please keep in mind that we are licensed and have all the relevant paper work and staff back ground checks to prove this. Please try not to fall for a couple of guys in a van moving you for a stupidly cheap rate. Firstly they are probably unlicensed which also means no back ground checks so you have no idea who is handling your possessions. Secondly some of these low budget movers will take a low fee up front then as for thousands of dollars to move your stuff out of their van and you really have no recourse as no contract was signed. Police can’t have much involvement as it’s your word against the movers so more often than not you have to come to a settlement with the cops standing there which will still cost you way more than you were quoted. That’s why by choosing our movers you have licensed background checked guys who give you a honest quote from the start.

You might be having issues finding good storage in 19488 but lucky for you we know all the best storage warehouses that are safe and secure so you never have to worry about those important items. Might it be pricy artwork to beautiful pieces of furniture we have to skills and knowledge to make sure it’s transferred and stored to a facility that is climate controlled and under around the clock surveillance. From CCTV to Alarms and even armed guards the units we know of will give Fort Knox a run for its money in the security department. So have no fear in storing those home goods whilst you arrange that new home or apartment we have you covered with the best storage units in the state!

Call today and we will answer any moving question you might have and connect you with some of our moving services below.

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  • Packing and unpacking services in 19488
  • Licensed and insured movers in 19488
  • 100% secure storage solutions in 19488
  • Long distance moves to and from 19488
  • Car Transportation Service in 19488
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Our company is the right choice to get all the high quality moving services in a professional, cost- effective and timely way. We provide complete information pertaining to your move when using moving company Pennsylvania. The more clear and detailed information you provide our expert moving coordinators, the more relaxed, smooth and secure your move will be.
When you plan a residential or commercial move you need to have the confidence that your moving crew will get the job done with expertise and punctuality that you need. Our core feature of moving is “Quality Service and Customer Satisfaction”.
  • Take the next day off
  • Send kids and pets away while you are packing
  • Take time to organize and discard unwanted items at least a week before moving day
  • Spend a little extra on insurance
  • Each moving company operates a different way
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Ms. Tara R. "My move went smoothly and seamless and the movers were very friendly and professional. I will definitely recommend Moving Company Pennsylvania. Lucie to my friends and family."
Mr. Donald J. "We used Moving Company Pennsylvania on our previous move; they had an excellent crew who worked extremely hard. They understood my concern of managing my fragile items with delicacy. I was able to move to my new location without breaking a single item, Thanks to Moving Company Pennsylvania."